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Full Version: Problems with SQL table with date or datetime columns
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'0000-00-00' is a NULL date while this field is described as "not null", so the problem is in the incorrectly written SQL data definition. This leads to an error in OLEDB provider and Mailer can't open this table. While this may appear to work fine with other applications using your SQL database, if using MySQL you will need to note that the MyODBC driver does not support these kinds of values. You can find more information in the MySQL manual, located here:

The sections on "zero" values on page 183 are the most pertinent to this issue.

Suggested change:

Change from:
license_start date NOT NULL default '0000-00-00',
maintenance_start date NOT NULL default '0000-00-00',
maintenance_until date NOT NULL default '0000-00-00',

Change to, alternative 1:
license_start date
maintenance_start date
maintenance_until date

Change to, alternative 2:
license_start date default '0000-00-00'
maintenance_start date default '0000-00-00'
maintenance_until date default '0000-00-00'

Change to, alternative 3:
license_start date NOT NULL default '1800-01-01'
maintenance_start date NOT NULL default '1800-01-01'
maintenance_until date NOT NULL default '1800-01-01'


The to_date work changes over a character string into the date organize you indicate. the TO_CHAR work is utilized as a part of select articulations to make an interpretation of a date into a character string in the organization you need. Dates are put away inside in Oracle as a settled 7 bytes and contain the datetime fields YEAR, MONTH, DAY, HOUR, MINUTE, and SECOND. Essay Help. It doesn't have partial seconds or a period zone. So relying upon your nls_date or nls_language settings or just to make sure you have to change the info and yield from the default configuration to one of your decisions.


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The line is the flat part containing at least one sections. The section is the vertical part containing at least one columns of information of one information sort all information for a section must be of a similar sort a table in SQL is a keyed or non-keyed physical file you can make a table utilizing Essay Help Online the CREATE TABLE articulation. You give a name to the table. In the event that the table name isn't a legitimate framework question name, you can utilize the discretionary FOR SYSTEM NAME provision to determine a framework name the definition incorporates the names and traits of its segments. The definition can incorporate different properties of the table, for example, the essential key.
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