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Full Version: How to adjust times reported in log files
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It is common for the time data in your log files to be recorded in an inappropriate time zone. To correct this, Analyzer allows you to add or subtract an offset to the hour recorded in the log file. This problem is common if a thirty party hosts your web site; the third party's servers may be located on the opposite side of the country, and in a completely different time zone. You can adjust the offset to any value between -12 and 12. The best way to determine the offset for your log files is to examine the times recorded near the beginning of your log file. If you know what time your web-hosting provider generates the log files, then you can just subtract to determine the offset. It may take some experimentation. Note that some servers record their log files in GMT time (which is 5-8 hours off times in the continental US).

To change the offset, go to the Global Options:


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Jane, since this is often a first resource for customers with questions, we're trying to make the answers as convenient to locate as possible. Since this is a more popular question, it is our hope that customers trying to adjust the times may be able to use this to their advantage.
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This thread is really helpful, I as facing same problem because my host was at another region, but thanks to you after some easy steps i have some how configure it..

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