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Full Version: FastStats 4 Crashes processing big log files (1.7 gb or so)
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When FastStats approaches 2 GB of log data it starts to really slow down and runs into problems managing memory. 2 GB is the hard physical limit, due to memory addressing limitations, for opening one single file. But the application itself does consume some RAM to run, so your practical limit is a bit less than that.

If FastStats is crashing because of this, you are hitting the log file size limit that FastStats can handle.

The only suggestion I have is to split your analysis into smaller chunks, either by rotating them weekly or daily depending on your needs.

I suppose it is good that your traffic has grown to that kind of volume though. I wish I had a better answer - what makes FastStats "fast" is the way it manages memory, and unfortunately that comes with a limitation on memory size. FastStats 4 is a 32-bit application, which limits the amount of memory that the application can use, most of which is allocated to log file mapping.


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