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Grooved fittings suppliers - hjyxwz - 01-31-2018 11:59 PM

1. Product Specification:
Material Specification:
Ductile Iron conforming to ASTM A536 Grade 65-45-12), Bolts conforming to ASTM A183 and Nuts conforming to ASTM A194.
Product Description:
·Flexible couplings and grooved fittings systems serve as a more cost-effective welding alternative to a welded expansion joint.
·Flexible Coupling allows controlled angular movement of the pipe to assist alignment and installation. The advantage of flexibility must be considered the design or hanger and support spacing.
2. Material and standard
3. Product Details
Red color/ Galvanized finish/ White color/ Blue color
Grooved fittings suppliers

RE: Grooved fittings suppliers - Dorro666 - 05-15-2018 05:16 AM

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