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Configuring Apache Web Server
12-30-2010, 06:26 PM
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Configuring Apache Web Server

Configuring Apache

This help topic is for people who host their own web site or are allowed to configure their Apache log file format.

Apache lets you specify a custom log file format in the "httpd.conf" configuration file. Although there are a large number of log file formats you can specify, FastStats Analyzer only supports two of them. However, they are standard formats and contain all of information you need to provide useful data about your web site. Apache can be configured to place the log file information in multiple log files (generally "access.log", "referer.log", and "agent.log"). Analyzer no longer supports this format.

The best format is known as Combined Log File Format and looks like the following: - - [18/Jan/1998:00:02:22 -0500] "GET /index.html HTTP/1.0" 200 16384 "" "Mozilla/2.0 (compatible; MSIE 3.02; Update a; AK; Windows 95)" "SessionID=Value; VisitorID=Value2"

It is important to note the referrer, browser, and cookie information at the end is enclosed by quotation marks. You can configure Apache to generate combined log files by editing the "httpd.conf" file in the \Apache\conf\ directory. Find the following lines in your httpd.conf file (you may want to do a search for the string "LogFormat"). You should change the log file to read as follows:

# This defines a "nickname" for the specified log file format.
# The nickname is "combined".
LogFormat "%h %l %u %t \"%r\" %>s %b \"%{Referer}i\" \"%{User-Agent}i\" \"%{cookie}i\"" combined

# Specify that we want to store the combined log file in the location "logs/combined.log".
CustomLog logs/combined.log combined

Apache should now generate FastStats Analyzer-readable data in the combined.log file. The other two log file formats are either inconvenient and unsupported (Apache Multiple Log File Format) or will produce reports that do not contain some very useful information (Apache Common Information).

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01-02-2018, 03:02 AM
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RE: Configuring Apache Web Server
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04-02-2018, 08:30 AM
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07-25-2018, 12:46 PM
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08-01-2018, 03:27 AM
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RE: Configuring Apache Web Server
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09-12-2018, 04:10 AM
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